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Luney-Onix Bracelet - Meraki Store

    Luney-Onix Bracelet

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    This is a unique piece which has been handcrafted in Colombia by jewelers and artisans using ancestral techniques. Through ethical and responsible practices, we reduce the impact on the environment and promote social development.

    ¬ Material: 24 kt gold-plated bronze or Silver-plated bronze. Precious and natural stones.
    ¬ Care: Store your jewelry in the original packaging to avoid scratches. We do recommend taking off your jewelry when swimming, showering and performing any sports. Avoid exposure to water, hairspray, sopa, lotion, salt water and perfume. Do not clean with alcohol, acetone or corrosive substances.
    ¬ Country of manufacture: Colombia
    ¬ Manufacturing process: Handmade

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